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Treat Your Drum Kit: Annual Servicing From Just £75!

How's your drum kit looking? Just like new or in need of some TLC?

Here at Dave's Drums, we specialise in selling fully refurbished drum kits - in fact, they're so popular that recently we haven't been able to list many for sale due to them being "pre-ordered".

But did you know we also offer drum servicing to players who already have their dream kit?

Clean & Tune
Choose our Clean & Tune service as an annual treat for your kit!

If your drum kit is looking a bit tired, why not treat it to a Dave's Drums Clean & Tune Service, and save yourself the hard work?

For only £75 for a 5 piece kit (any drum sizes), our Clean & Tune service will bring your kit back to looking lovely, shiny and ready for action. This is a great option as an annual clean-up, when your kit just needs a  clean and hasn't had any TLC for a while.

The service includes:  a basic clean of shells and external hardware, whilst still in situ on the drum bearing edge clean of all shells basic parts (such as lug inserts, small bolts, washers etc) as required  a full tune up with existing heads and wires The original heads will be put back on and re-tuned afterwards, although we can also provide new batter and/or reso heads at the same time from as little as £65* for a set of batter heads (3 toms, bass drum & snare).

We offer different types of servicing...

If you have a kit that's really seen better days, you will probably need our Restore or our Renovate kit service (depending on whether corrosion is present).

Dirty bolts
Bolts before & after during a Renovate Service

Premier drum kit
Premier drum kit before & after a Renovate Service

You can then book a Clean & Tune service on an anual basis to keep your kit in tip-top shape!

Clean & Tune is a fabulous option to keep your drum kit looking as good as new. Call me to book your slot today! ☎️ 07787 154 317


* This example is for Code heads - 10", 12" & 14" clear DNA, 14" coated DNA and 20" clear Blast. We can also supply & fit Evans or Remo heads - please ask for a quote.

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