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Don’t just take our word for it...

Steve, Customer

"Brilliant! Great service of the kit and managed to fix things that have been bugging me for years. Absolutely excellent service all round."

Bec, Customer

"Wow, what a top bloke you are Dave. Thanks for fixing our Air Cadet drum, there and then, whilst I waited. Great service with a smile. Thank you so much."

Rick, Customer

"This guy knows his stuff. Encyclopedic knowledge of all things drums and does excellent work on fixing and improving. Highly recommended."

Steely, Customer

"Great service and very knowledgeable! Great to have a place like this I can trust."

Jo, Customer

"I've had amazing treatment from Dave's Drums for a part I couldn't get worldwide - would totally reccomend this company so friendly and helpful, thank you Dave."

Chris, Customer

"Drove 2 hours each way to drop off my kit for Dave to look at. Was so worth it, highly recommended!"

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Toddy, ChainGang

"Just to say thanks very much for coming to the rescue with Chaingang on Friday and Saturday at such short notice. We all enjoyed your playing very much. It was a tonic to play with a different drummer for a change, especially at your level of competence."

Martin, DeLorean

"​I have known and worked with Dave for several years now. Not only is he a kick ass drummer (the best I have ever worked with), but his knowledge of anything drum related is also unsurpassed.
In addition to this he has a very good wider knowledge of all musical aspects, including being highly proficient in managing front of house sound/PA management which is another complete skill in itself.
To top it all, he's a really genuine, thoroughly nice bloke who has been and remains a true asset to our band, it is a privilege to work with Dave." 

Rocky, GrooveX

"Dave's big talent comes highly recommended together with his big heart, which is always there to help the community. GrooveX Band will always be indebted to his valuable contribution in launching the project."

Sean, DeLorean

"Dave has been an integral part of DeLorean's sound for [over] 10 years. He's able to turn his had to...any style with skill & enthusiasm - and he never fails to deliver gig after gig. Dave Harris - keeping us in time since 2009!"

Andy, The Curfew

"​Brilliant drummer and a top guy. Dave Harris is the man to go to when we need a dep. Always spot on." 

Simon, The Chain Gang

"I can absolutely vouch for Dave. He dep'd for The Chain Gang last Christmas with 1 day's notice, and was outstanding. Would definitely ask him back, should the need arise."

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Zoe, Pupil's Mum

"Dave is a caring and engaging teacher who obviously loves working with and inspiring young people. My son eagerly looks forward to his drumming lesson, and his smile at the end of a session fills the room. He is filled with joy and a sense of pride and achievement. We're so happy he's having fun while learning."

Emma, Pupil's Mum

"I can highly recommend Dave. My 14 year old daughter has been having lessons with Dave for nearly 6 months and not only has her ability improved greatly but also her confidence and self-esteem."



Oliver, Pupil

"My old teacher, the best... Anyone with a curiosity about drums, or music in general, DO get in touch, this guy was an inspiration."

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