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Impression Cymbals

For 10% off all Impression cymbals on our website, use the code "DD10" at checkout!

If you can't find the Impression cymbal(s) you're looking for on our site, visit the Impression Cymbals website and use the code "DD10" at the checkout for a 10% discount!

Impression cymbals are manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey from B20 bronze and are 100% hand hammered.

Many of the cymbalsmiths in the Impression factory are experienced drummers, therefore they know what makes a great sounding cymbal.

All Impression Cymbals carry a 2 year warranty.

“All of these cymbals are good; some of them are seriously good.” – Rhythm Magazine (Rock and Jazz Series review)

“The rides are near faultless” – Rhythm Magazine (Dark Series review)