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Drum Kit Restore Service

The Restore Service is suited to drums kits in need of a slightly deeper clean,

but that don't have corroded metalwork
Base Price: £95*


 The Restore Service includes:

  • checking of all components of the drums, and disassembly where necessary

  • full cleaning of shells and shell hardware before reassembly - all metal-work and chrome-work will be polished and dirt & grime removed

  • moving parts will be cleaned and re-lubricated

  • basic parts (such as lug inserts, small bolts, washers etc) as required

  • reassembly and tune-up using existing heads or the heads and/or wires of your choice (charged separately - please ask for a quote).

  • a range of basic modifications can also be requested (these may incur further costs - please ask for a quote).


The Restore service is an extremely thorough clean, and may involve extensive disassembly of drums.


I always allow at least a week turnaround time for a 5 piece kit after drop-off to allow me time to complete the job properly.

The cleaning process can get very dirty, which is another reason that I do all servicing work in my workshop rather than in your home. This also ensures that I have all of my tools and spares to hand.

* Drum kit servicing prices quoted apply to a standard 5 piece drum kit, including moutning hardware but not stands/pedals/cymbals.
Larger kits will cost more to service and I can also clean/service your stands, pedals & cymbals - please ask for a quote.

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