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Drum Workshop Price List

General Workshop Rate

£35 per hour

30 minutes

Every half hour thereafter



Snare Drum Servicing

Get your snare drum some TLC...

Clean & Tune

Full Service



Drum Kit Set Up/Tuning

For a standard 5 piece drum kit within 15 miles of RG7 1BX

Set Up & Tuning

Tuning Only



Drum Kit Servicing

We offer three levels of drum kit servicing (prices for standard 5 piece kit & hardware)

Clean & Tune






Cymbal Riveting

I can add rivets to your cymbal to give it a distinctive "sizzle". Basically, this involves drilling a small hole (or holes, depending how many rivets you want) and installing the rivet (or rivets).

1st rivet

Subsequent rivets

£5 each