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Quick Review - Code Drum Heads - Barney Clements, Doomicidal

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Barney has been using Code heads for a few months now, recently putting new heads on his kit: Zero on the snare,

Law donut dot on the toms and a

Blast (clear) on the bass drum.

He's also used a Sterling on a second snare.

Barney plays with Doomicidal - described as "70's inspired doom with psychedelic touches".

"I stumbled across Code by accident, but I'm glad I did.  The build quality is on par with the big boys but cheaper, it's easy to get a great sound with them and they look pretty smart. The Sterling turned my cheap snare into a total heavy metal monster. What's not to like about them? "

Feel free to drop us a line if we can provide you with a quote for Code heads, or you can order online via our web store...

☎️ 07787 154 317


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