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Code Customer Case Study: Paddy Davies, DV8

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

UK-based Code have spent the past few years developing their range of heads and accessories, and are quickly becoming popular.

They've had amazing reviews in Rhythm magazine this year, and have performed well against the long-established head companies in sound tests by Drummers Review.

Code have plenty of endorsees singing their praises, but what about regular players like you...? Here's what Dave's Drums customer, Paddy (who drums with covers band DV8), has to say about his switch to Code.

"Since my switch to Code drum heads I have not played anything else.

"I previously only played Evans G2, and thought I would not switch to anything else ever again. However after reading reviews and speaking to a few fellow drummers, I decided to try them out.

"As well as very good value for the money, the playability of these heads is second to none. I currently play the Code TRS [smooth white] on my my snare, Code Law [surface donut dot] on my toms and the Code Blast on my bass drum. 

"Easy to tune and look great under stage lights, they always sound alive!! Sound engineers where we have played always comment on how good they sound.

"I'm a Code convert. Get some, try them, you'll love them!!"

Paddy Davies rocking his Code drum heads

Here's a breakdown of costings you can expect for Code heads for your kit, based on the types of head Paddy uses:

Code TRS 14" snare head: £15.99 Code Law 10"/12"/14" tom heads: £30.50 Code Blast clear 22" bass drum head: £29.99

Add a 22" black Enigma display head for £19.99

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