Genetic heads are specifically made for the snare-side resonant head of the snare drum. They are single ply and available in 2 thicknesses: 3mils and 5mils, and in 3 sizes: 12", 13" & 14".


The 3mils thickness is very sensitive, very clear and has a highlighted top end - ideal for any style of music.


The 5mils thickness is darker and deeper, and is slightly less sensitive, so performs well in high-volume situations.


14" Genetic heads now feature the Code Grip-Tight Rim Technology™️, which gives extra grip to hold tuning of the heads even better!


New stock is being supplied to us in Code branded boxes. Boxed heads will be sent without branded packaging to help us to keep shipping costs down. If you require the boxes, please let us know in advance of ordering, and we can create an invoice to account for the increased shipping costs.



12"/13"/14" Code Genetic Snare Side Drum Head

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  • Genetic range snare-side heads:

    14" available in either "traditional" 3mil thickness or 5mil "dark" thickness.

    13" available in either "traditional" 3mil thickness or 5mil "dark" thickness.

    12" available in "traditional" 3mils thickness.

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