The A.M. Snare Towel is a nod to studio drummers who started dampening their snare drums using old towels. This covers the full circumference of the snare head and has an elastic loop on one side to be able to loop over the snare drum throw off. This product can be folded back to different positions depending on the sound you need for that musical situation. The towel is made up of one side printed cotton fabric, the other side cotton towelling.


AVAILABLE IN: 13" | 14" sizes



MATERIAL: 100% cotton


CARE: Handwash only at 30º or below. For best results, iron on a steam setting after washing.


ABOUT THE BRAND: This product is produced and hand made exclusively for A.M. Drums Studio. It is created from sustainable fabric with ethical methods.

13" Ocean Snare Drum Towel


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