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Our Status!

As things stand, our household remains healthy.

We will update this page regularly.

Online Retail

We continue to trade as usual for online orders.

We will maintain excellent handwashing practice before packaging any orders.

We aim to dispatch orders within 24 hours of receipt.

Unfortunately, there may be delays with couriers and the Post Office - these are outside our control, but we hope that they won't cause too much disruption.

Refurbished Drum Kits

We are currently able to arrange contactless collection or delivery of drum kits.

You can find our selection of beautiful drum kits here.

Repairs & Servicing

We are able to arrange contactless drop off and collection of your drum gear for servicing or repairs. Please drop us a line to discuss your requirements.

Drum Lessons

As allowed by law, we have returned to face-to-face teaching with Covid safety measures in place.

These will include:

  • A 5 minute gap between lessons to allow for hand washing & sanitisation of surfaces.

  • Face coverings to be worn by both Dave & his pupils if recommended by DOH or if preferred by individuals.

  • Hand washing available to pupils on entry/exit.

  • Ensuring that pupils do not physically “cross over” on entry/exit.

  • Pupils bring their own sticks (we can provide any pupils who don’t have sticks with a second hand set free of charge, or we also have new sticks for sale).

  • Hand sanitiser available in teaching room.

  • Kit & door handles to be cleaned with anti-viral spray between lessons.

This is how lessons will look from now onwards:

  1. Arrive at the allotted lesson time wearing face covering if required (please do not ring the doorbell early, so that we can avoid the risk of pupils crossing paths).

  2. Dave will let pupil in and they will go straight to the cloakroom & wash their hands.

  3. Dave goes into drum room to electronic kit, pupil sits at acoustic kit (this will be reversed for the few pupils who learn on the electronic kit).

  4. Dave starts 30 minute timer.

  5. When timer goes off, pupil goes to cloakroom to wash their hands

  6. Dave lets pupil out, washes his hands and wipes surfaces.

Please be sure to adhere to these rules for the benefit of everyone's health.

Thank you!

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